A 20-something girl from Canada with a love for anime, cats, cartoons, costumes, disney and adventure. Sometimes several of those at the same time.

I read into everything.


I don’t know if it’s a way of seeking foresight or just wanting to understand people…

And then there’s me who just…I don’t know. Is it weird to be so forward in so many aspects of life? I can’t imagine it holds people’s interest very long. So why do I do it?

When did I become SO comfortable with myself and my thoughts and opinions and willingness to share them? Caution can be a virtue…

I honestly just want to put on my snow cos and go self timer happy. The more I think about it, the more sad I am that I didn’t get good pictures…I was so iffy about it for a long time, being my first time attempting cell shading on a costume and just getting comfortable in such a sophisticated cosplay and in the end I was so proud of it and the details and overall look and…All I have to show for it are a couple cell phone mirror pics and one blurry hall pic. T-T

*seriously considers finding a local artsy photographer or something*

*weeps into current in progress cosplay pieces*

Anonymous: You make an amazing Bigby :o I'm actually incredibly impressed 

It’s not meeeeeeeeeee! XD But I did the cell shading on the shirt ( he had the shirt at one point… ) hair, makeup and suggested the wolf kigu picture… lol

I’ll pass on the compliments to him though. xD


We barely took any pictures in our TWAU cosplays…guess they’ll be something to look forward to in the future… but kinda disappointed too. The photo booth I really wanted to visit was closed ( I think? It was an awkward moment ) when we went there and the con was just so small and uneventful that we just didn’t have the motivation to do all the makeup and wigs again this morning.

Oh well… u.u

Off to Unplugged Expo! I’ll be Snow White from the wolf among us along with a Bigby and Nerissa! I can’t wait to have us all done up in cell shading in our completed costumes…so excited! Of course, I forgot all my cameras at home though so here’s hoping my cell can take some half decent ones…or we can find some afterward. I just wanna edit pics!

For the evening, I’ll be in my Erza Heart Kreuz pj’s I think…or just wig and kig. We’ll see how the night unfolds! Adventure awaits!

Have a good one, guys! Maybe I’ll see some of you there!

It’s honestly making me so happy to see other twau fans like my snow cosplay progress. I don’t even know why exactly …maybe it’s just such a new character and style for me to cosplay that it’s just really reassuring. T-T